Art in View
November 29, 2012
The Maui News

The thrill of Father Damien's rise to sainthood as well as the recent canonization of his beloved Mother Marianne Cope continues to spark interest in the plight of Kalaupapa Hansen's Disease patients on Molokai and what Damien and Cope did to help them. In recognition of these two Hawaiian saints, the Kingwell Island Art Studio in Lahaina is exhibiting as well as offering at substantial discount limited editions of an oil painting done in 1993 by Maui artist Jim Kingwell.

"St. Philomena Church" is a view of Kalaupapa, Molokai, that depicts Father Damien and Sister Marianne Cope walking with two children in front of his now internationally famous church on the Kalawao peninsula.

This popular image and other original paintings and sketches from Kalaupapa are on display through the holiday season and available as gifts or for your own pleasure.

"St. Philomena Church" by Jim Kingwell depicts Father Damien and Mother Marianne Cope walking with children with the beauty of North Shore Molokai behind.

Photo courtesy Kingwell Island Art Studio

Kingwell Island Art Studio is at 834 Front St. in Lahaina. You may call 667-6782 or visit the artist's website